Choice is Important, Let Us Show You How We are Different!

  • Reliable
  • Safety Minded
  • Informed
  • Experienced

Flight Instruction & Other Services:
  • Insurance checkout
  • Transition training to TAA (Glass cockpit)
  • Safety pilot service
  • Photo flights
  • Aircraft ferry and reposition flights
  • Birthday / Anniversary / Surprise flights

Pilot CJ Modine is a very personable, friendly, patient, yet professional businessman and flight instructor.

Gordon Shupe
Educational Technology Consultant
Modine Aviation offers a wide variety of services including, but not limited to: flight instruction, pilot services, aircraft ferry, local sight-seeing, aviation management and consultation.
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Does it ever occur to you that your time is much more valuable than the airlines seem to think?

Are you often frustrated by the lack of availability of direct flights, or not being able to find the right flight schedule to fit a tight business workflow?

Did you ever stop to think that there is a local airport in the backyard of your destination that big airlines don't fly into?

Corporate Travel and General Aviation may be your solution.
Modine Aviation is here to help you navigate and negotiate aviation solutions for your needs. Regain some of that time lost in airports for business or pleasure and make your travel more personal and convenient. Learn to fly and upgrade your pilot status while getting where you need to be.
Modine Aviation, a East Central Florida based general aviation services company, provides a plethora of aviation services including but not limited to: essential pilot & instructional services for small and mid-size single or multi-engine aircraft, at reasonable rates.
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